Baby Bathing

Baby is home and the time has come for a baby bath. Practically every mom I know says that they were scared to death before they bathed their baby for the first time. Unless you are a professional juggler, the idea of hanging on to a slippery baby while supporting their wobbly little heads can be unnerving to say the least. The good news is that even the jitteriest parents say that giving their babies a bath quickly becomes second nature.

For the person who has never experienced the joys and the challenges associated with bathing a babybaby bath, Read More,, we have a few tips that will make the process go smoother while keeping safety in mind. Planning for bath time is very important. Make a commitment not to take a phone call or answer the door when you are bathing baby. Let your friends and relatives know when the baby bath is scheduled so they will have no cause for alarm when their calls and visits are not acknowledged. As your reward, you can use bath time as an excuse not to answer phone calls from your boss or mother-in-law.

Have your location ready ahead of time that is warm and without chilly drafts. Make the decision as to whether you are more comfortable bathing your newborn in your bathtub, the kitchen sink or a special tub designed especially for infants. Regardless of which you prefer, have a bath towel or tub liner on hand to place on the bottom to eliminate hard, slippery surfaces.

Next, tuck baby under your arm using the ‘football carry’ (tucking the legs under your armpit supporting the back along your arm, fanning out your fingers to cradle your babies head) and wash babies head, rinse and pat dry. Now is the time to immerse baby into the bath, remove the towel, support the shoulders with left fore-arm hooking your hand over baby’s shoulder and under the armpit, cradle the legs with your right arm holding on to one thigh, slowly lower into the water – always maintaining eye contact and don’t forget to smile and talk as you do it. Keeping baby in a semi reclined position, use your free hand to wash and carefully rinse.

When you are ready to lift baby out place your free hand under the bottom and gently lift on to the towel. Place baby diagonally across the towel fold the bottom corner up over the feet then fold in the two sides, pick baby up and cuddle while you pat dry paying attention to skin creases, drying must be gentle but thorough. Dress baby quickly, they are unable to efficiently regulate their own temperature.

Cosmetic Surgery Loans – Discovering How It Feels to Look Your Best

Market research of UK’s cosmetic surgery ascertains the fact that it is one of the fastest growing sections of private healthcare industry. Cosmetic surgery industry is growing strong with an estimated by 9.4% in the year 2002-2003. The charm of youth and beauty has attracted us for ages. Cosmetic surgery is not about how other people look at you. It is about how you look at yourself. This opportunity should be extended to every individual irrespective of their financial standing. Cosmetic surgery loans have brought this opportunity to the every household in UK at affordable rates. Cosmetic surgery loans have made it easy to access credit and therefore made cosmetic surgery possible for more and more people.

Cosmeticsurgery loans finance all kind of cosmetic surgeries is available. The images of well tone, perfect body of celebrities everywhere has revolutionized the viewpoint of everyone. Every man wants to look his best. Every woman wants to look beautiful, attractive. The rising popularity of cosmetic breast surgery in UK is a confirmation of this fact. Cosmetic surgery loans can finance your endeavour to get breast augmentation. Cosmetic surgery loans are also meeting money requirement of surgical process such as dentistry, liposuction, breast lift, tattoo removal, reconstructive surgery, wrinkle removal, laser hair removal, etc. These are only some of the processes that are financed by cosmetic surgery loans.

Begin with looking for a prospective surgeon, a surgeon you can trust. There are companies who offer cosmetic surgery loans allow you to choose your own surgeon or offer you options of surgeons to choose form. It is very crucial to know beforehand which procedure you are opting for before you make a loan claim. First of all get a complete consultation for the procedure you want to be performed. There may be a different procedure which may serve you better and at a lower price.

A prior consultation would enable you to know how much you want to borrow. Ask your doctor what things are included in the fee. Whether post operative visits, post operative garments, post operative medication are included in the fee structure. Then approach the finance company for the cosmetic surgery loans. When applying for cosmetic surgery loans always read the fine print.

Cosmetic surgery loans provide funding of the likes of £25,000. The interest rate charged on cosmetic surgery loans is usually lower than major credit cards. Interest rate as low as 9.9% are available for cosmetic surgery loans. However, the interest rate can go as high as 13 to 28 percent in case you make faults with repayment. Interest rate and loan amount are all dependent on your credit profile. With bad credit rating, you should be prepared to give higher interest rates. With online research, it is very probable that will find comparatively lower interest rates. The loan term for cosmetic surgery loans ranges from 24-60 months. Usually these loans come with no down payment and no pre payment penalty.

The acceptance of cosmetic surgery procedures is rising dramatically. Over 8 million of these procedures were performed in 2003 only. Liposuction, eyelid surgery and nose reshaping are very popular. Dental procedures and many reconstructive procedures also fall in this category. Cosmetic surgery is certainly not an inexpensive option. But cosmetic surgery loans are providing affordable alternatives for people.

With cosmetic surgery loans, cosmetic surgery is no longer a privilege of the elite. A normal person can go and pay for the cosmetic surgery whenever he wants to because he has cosmetic surgery loans. A few years ago cosmetic surgery was associated with celebrities. With cosmetic surgery loans they have become accessible to normal human being. It is no longer required to delay the cosmetic procedure due to lack of funds. Why wait till 40 to get a surgery. You can get a new look at your convenience with cosmetic surgery loans.

Cosmetic surgery loans are capable of making you look the best person that you are, someone that is hiding behind, waiting to come out. Cosmetic surgery loans do something special – enable you to know how wonderful it feels to look your best.

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Be kind to the Planet Earth; Use Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the unlimited source of energy. Sooner or later out traditional energy will be gone, but renewable energy will stay forever. Think about the sunlight which is LIMITLESSS. The sun will illuminate the world until the end of the world. Coal, gas, and other common energy forms will not be available after few hundred years. We all know that they have been very serious to our environment. The carbon emitted by them is really dangerous to the environment. Various natural disasters are the outcome of the cruel behavior of human kind to the planet Earth. It is high time we started using renewable energy like solar energy, wind power, hydro-energy, bio energy, geo thermal energy, etc.

Out of all renewable energy, solar energy is the most promising. You must have seen solar lights with numerous designs, sizes, and shapes. There is no place where solar lights can be used extensively. Yes, they are expensive than traditional lights. But we should not always think about the money. It is about the planet Earth, so we should sacrifice something. In fact, solar lights are cost effective at the end because you do not have to pay any monthly energy bills for your lights. Moreover, they are going to last for years without any risks of shock as they have no wires. You see, how smart they are. Apart from these benefits, they are very good looking. You could use them to decorate your house—indoor and outdoor both very elegantly. How about a garden with solar lights outdoor? Your garden will have a heavenly look if you have them installed.

We have to admit that we have done a lot of injustice to the Planet Earth. Already it has been reacting very badly. If we do not care about the health of the planet Earth, then only god knows what will happen in the future.



The Size of a Handbag is Really Important

Size matters. It is applicable to everything. For handbags, it is also important. If the size of your handbag is not suitable, then you will not feel comfortable. Also, you look weird if it does not fit you well. Size should be proportional to one’s height, shape and other body factors.

  • If you have a long waist, then you should use your handbag at hip length.
  • If you have a short waist, then it is better to use below your hip. You will be able to balance the upper part of your body.
  • For large shoulders women, top handle handbags are perfectly suited.
  • For tall figured women, handbags should be placed below their hips or under their shoulders.

You must have a handbag with perfect size; otherwise, you cannot feel comfort while you are on the go. You could use across body bags. They are flexible as they have long and short strap. Pick something proportional to your height. Remember, the strap must be thick so that the weight gets transferred equally. Happy buying.

The Rise of the Parent-Pal

My name is Susan Dench and I am on a mission to restore and promote personal responsibility in America.

This quest began after kids who were supposed to be pet-sitting while we were away instead held an underage drinking party at our house. They drank all our beer, wine and alcohol, left a mess behind, and damaged the house. Lo and behold, the police knew most of the partiers (and their parents) from previous encounters. Many of these kids were star athletes and students in town, and their parents (with the exception of 2 of 20) were indifferent or actually miffed (to put it mildly) that I would be calling to tell them about their kids’ actions. I simply couldn’t believe or accept the excuses these parents made for their child’s behavior.

Now we have a local front page story that involves a big party involving many of these same kids, excused this time as they were celebrating their state championships. The parents at whose house this was hosted have been charged with furnishing a place for minors to drink alcohol (although I am told they may have been overrun by these hoodlums). And fast-forward a week to yet another underage drinking party. Two of the boys mentioned as summonsed for underage drinking are the older brothers of two of the kids who were at our house party.

Although we know it happens in many other communities as well, there are many stories we have on these sort of parenting methods. One couple confronted for hosting a party claimed that if they didn’t provide a venue and alcohol, their child wouldn’t be “popular.” Another mother had kids use her business parking lot and ferried them to her house so no one would get suspicious about an alcohol-infused graduation party she was throwing for her daughter.

The ominous phrase of yore – “Wait until your father gets home” – is an anachronism of a quaint past, striking no fear in the heart of these kids, as they run amok in the knowledge that mummy and daddy will bail them (sometimes quite literally) out of any mess they get themselves into.

Luckily, and by the grace of God, there were no accidents involving the kids or innocent victims. No one died of alcohol poisoning, although reports tell of vomit on cars and at least one child passed out on a neighbor’s lawn, needing an ambulance called by the police. No one was sexually assaulted and no altercations took place. (And so far the parents haven’t been sued into financial ruin.) Luckily.

It isn’t the kids alone I blame for this sorry state of affairs, it is their parents. These are people who would rather be friends than parents, because parenting is hard work and they want their kids to like them. These are parents who are denying their children the opportunity to suffer the consequences of their choices and learn from their mistakes, something every child needs to grow into a mature, responsible adult. These are parents who encourage entitlement and victim mentality and deny their children the satisfaction and esteem gained from actually earning something by oneself. And these parents may even be like the mother who called up the HR director to complain about her child’s poor performance appraisal (yes, that actually happened). When do these kids learn about taking personal responsibility for their actions?

And lest you think that you are immune because you have no children at home, think again. The school system’s legal bill is climbing ever upward, thanks to parents who lawyer up rather than back up teachers and school administrators in disciplinary and other actions. You and your tax dollars are paying for their highly developed and completely misguided sense of entitlement.

The irony is that in a nation that has prided itself on independence, we are creating a nation of dependents.

I am asking parents everywhere to remember that you are first a parent and role model, not a friend. I am asking you to hold your children to a higher standard, hold them accountable for their actions and let them suffer the consequences of bad choices. I am asking you to ask yourselves: How do I instill personal responsibility in my children? And what will happen if I don’t?

Alarmed about what she sees in government, the workplace, schools, individuals and families, Susan Dench left her marketing business to inspire people to liberate themselves from entitlements and victim mentality to meet whatever personal or professional goals they set.

As her family will be only too happy to confirm, she is never afraid to give her opinion if asked (and usually if not asked). In her role as the Personal Responsibility Ambassador, she is a lively speaker and the author of several books, living on the coast of Maine with her exceedingly indulgent husband and admittedly spoiled pets in a charming 1920′s house, which is in an ongoing state of loving renovation. She can be found at or reached at, and her book, “The Responsibility Rules: Living a Self-Disciplined Life in a Self-Entitled World” can be found on Amazon.

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Improving Self-Confidence in Your Children – Learn to Detach

We all want to assist in improving self-confidence in our children. One of the greatest challenges in parenting is to know when to detach from our children. When to let them make their own mistakes and accept their own consequences. It is a delicate balance and it can feel a little like being on a seesaw as we teeter back and forth between holding them tight and letting them go.

It was so much easier when they were small. We were supposed to take care of their every need to make them safe in an uncertain world. The first time we had to let go, hold our breath and let them take their first tentative steps is when we knew for sure there would be many other times we would be doing just that; holding our breath as they struck out on their own. The first few falls followed by the heartbroken wails and our rushing to “make it all better” were finally replaced by a resolve to let them figure it out on their own. And wonder of wonders they did. We knew they would fall, but we knew just as certainly that walking was necessary for them to move forward in their development and their confidence.

I am sure we can just as vividly remember when they first learned to ride a bike and the day we had to take off the training wheels and let them go. Boy they were so proud even after they crashed. They stood up and dusted themselves off and got back on the bike.
We stood by and watched because that was our job. Sure, we applied a few bandages as needed, but we didn’t try to ride the bike for them. We watched as they learned to ride a bike, negotiate the playground and got on the bus for their first day at school.

As parents we were there to hear the stories and give some advice, but we let them learn to manage on their own in small ways, after all, that’s what we learned from our parents.
Part of fulfilling our job as a parent is allowing our children to gradually take on more and more responsibility for their own outcome in life. By doing this our children improve their self-confidence. There appears to be reluctance on the part of parents to do that in the last few years. There is a real possibility parents are doing their children more harm than good.

Today many parents seem to be interfering with their children’s lives on many levels. If the child gets a less than perfect grade there is a call to the teacher and if they do not reach the resolution they want they move on to the principal. If the child does not “feel” like going to school the parent calls in and gives the excuse of the child being sick. A friend who is a high school principal recalled having a child sitting in his office. He called the boys mother to arrange a conference. When the boy’s mother heard the principal’s voice she quickly apologized for forgetting to call but said her son was upstairs in bed as he was not feeling well. It was a knee jerk reaction to try and cover for her son.

Many a sports coach will recall getting calls from parents interceding on the behalf of their child, parents trying to get their children on just the “right” team. There are also the parents who want to be back seat coaches and know that their child is not being utilized to their full potential. I’ve even had a parent call up to our family store to get periodic reports as to how his 17 year old was getting along. Although this young man was a decent employee he was not our best. When we honestly related a few areas in which we felt improvement might be warranted, the boy’s employment was terminated; by his father.

This type of parental interference is not allowing the child to be accountable for their own life. They do not learn that they do not always get everything they want and therefore never develop the needed skill of dealing with disappointment. They do not get to accept that their efforts as individuals will generate their own results. Instead someone is always insisting they receive a certain outcome whether it is deserved or not. They can never be quite certain if they earned a grade or a spot on the team or received it because of parental manipulation.

We have done so well in letting them stand on their own as young children only to start crippling them now. The world will not uphold this parental behavior. At some point it will begin to hold our children accountable for their own actions. They will be much better equipped to deal with adulthood if we let them gradually learn to develop accountability as they grow. As they learn to do this they also grow in their self-confidence and in their self-esteem. They understand that life has ups and downs and they are able to take both in stride. It’s time as parents to stand back, hold our breath and trust that they will be okay.

Maureen Staiano is a Life Coach specializing in working with women and the unique challenges, opportunities and transitions we face in our lives. Please visit me:

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